• We are systematically expanding our competences in architecture, programming languages such as Java and tools such as Frameworks and use these to modernise our products in web-based applications.
  • we migrate our products to Oracle 11g.
  • in invoicing power, the new statutory reregulation of prices into high tariffs and low tariffs must be programmed.
  • in the service area, we use our know-how (JAVA, data warehouse, project management and project expertise) in projects with banks and telecommunications.
  • Krug & Partner becomes an Oracle Gold Partner.


  • IPbase 2.0 is introduced with a new surface in autumn.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence opens up new opportunities for professional evaluations, especially in graphics.
  • the invoicing module for lawyers is completed.


  • The product range of our standard intellectual property software (IPbase) continues to grow. Patent management is given high-performance additional modules such as monitoring, inventor compensation and patent portfolios.
  • parallel to this a  brand management system and a contract management system is completed.
  • all systems are successfully introduced to clients shortly after completion.


  • Krug & Partner Vertriebs GmbH is formed.
  • the first licence valid for an entire company group is issued to a leading company in the chemical industry.


  • Krug & Partner GmbH adds a second area of activities to its range of services and offers products in the field of industrial property rights.


  • Our IT specialists demonstrate their skills in many demanding projects.
  • we design and develop a wide range of management and information systems as well as a document management system in the field of patent and brand protection.
  • with the leading participation of our experts, an energy invoicing systems is developed at a major infrastructure provider.


  • Krug & Partner GmbH is formed.